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10 steps of Making Car Key Case

10 steps of Making Car Key Case
I would like to briefly introduce the process of making a special car key case for Leather brut.
It is a total of 10 steps and we also introduce the products that We sell at the craft shop, so I hope that the products will help your craft.

1. Cutting

1-1 Cutting leather
I use this knife very often.
When cutting leather, Skiving, cutting curve part, etc.,
sharpen the blade and you can get good results in many of your crafts.
NT cutter is also a good tool to cut leather for a beginner.
You can get this from Amazon.com or Ebay.com

2. Beveling

I use the beveler from South Korea, but you could find a good one in the USA as well.
I used to use Ron's beveler and Osborne tool is a good one too.

3. Applying essence

Mink oil is effective in preventing water and contamination.
All products of leather brut apply mink oil, knit foot oil or carat balsam.

4. Coating inside of a leather

Tokonole is used for coating inside with Glue spread stick [Japanese]

5. Edge Burnishing

Bunish edge by Wood slicker after applying Tokonole on the edge.
This wood slicker is also recommended for use in narrow places.

6. Hot Stamping

Install Brass stamp into Hot stamping machine holder.
Place leather
Personalized stamp.

7. Combining

8. Sewing

Sewing by Walking foot cylinder arm sewing machine.

9. Finishing

After finishing sewing, finish with hand sewing.

10, Packing

In this way, our Key case is made through 10 steps.
We are doing our best in every process to give you happiness.
We will continue to make good products with better workmanship.
Thank you.
-Leather Brut-
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