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3 products


Love the key fob cover. I even requested a color change after my original order and they happily changed it for me. Thanks!

M*** H*****

I recently purchased this leather key fob (orange to match the carmine red of the car interior) and I am very satisfied with my purchase. It adds a touch of style to the car key remote, but more importantly, it keeps me from accidentally pressing buttons when it is in my pocket. There is nothing like hearing a car alarm go off in the evening and discovering that it is your car or checking the house doors before going to bed and looking out and discovering that the car hatch was opened remotely. The key fob is made of high-quality leather, the stitching is very uniform, the leather has a beautiful smooth finish and should last a long time. I am very satisfied with the purchase and can recommend it to others


Very nice and clean look to my new key fob. Sophisticated piece.

M*** G***

The quality of the leather and the fit are both excellent!

N*** S****

This is a gorgeous key fob cover. Everyone who owns a modern car with a key fob needs one of these. Fobs are so expensive and this protects them and gives your keychain some serious style. They’re low profile so they’re not bulky. Quality is very high. Stitching and finish in the leather is gorgeous. Highly recommend!