Intercom Ecostick 1816B Adhesives - 8oz /240ml - Finest Leather Craft weld adhesive -Non-Toxic / No bed smells


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Water-based adhesives Ecostick 1816B

Size: 8 oz [240ml]

-Water based adhesive ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards. Ideal for gluing PVC, EVA, nylon and ready made rubbers. Ideal for gluing greasy leather with the presence of grease up to 15%.

-Description/Nature of the product:
Aqueous dispersion of a polymer based on polyurethane modified, ca.50%
*Non-toxic / No bed smells

Application by:
Spray gun, roller machine, Stick

-During colder months (November-March) there is the risk of glue freezing in transit.
We can ship if you order but is will be at your own risk

Instructions for use:
Apply ECOSTICK® 1816B on both sides. Let it dry. Couple both sides within 20 minutes after drying and press to work without preheating the adhesive. Otherwise, if this time is exceeded, reactivate at a 60°-70°, couple and press. The adhesive can be applied on one side to couple leather with textiles, moltoprene, and foam rubber: apply plenty of ECOSTICK® 1816B on leather or material not so absorbing and couple immediately.

Open Time:
Cold bonding: up to 20 min. after the adhesive is dried. Reactivation by heating: within 48 hours.

Water-based polyurethane adhesive at cold. It is also possible to glue with reactivation. Polymer yellowing proof

Benefits of Ecostick® adhesives

-Highly stabilized and provide superior yellowing and aging resistance.
-Provide high resistance to humidity and hydrolysis.
-High initial bonding strength can also be applied on one side only.
-Accurately filtered and provides excellent spraying capacity and minimum risk of lump formation.
-Very long expiration date and provide more security even if they are consumed a lot later than their purchase date.
-Due to their high viscosity they remain on the surface and do not penetrate the materials, therefore, they are suitable either for porous materials or thin textiles and this is achieved without losing the spraying efficiency.
-Due to high solid content, the quantity required for obtaining excellent bonding is less with respect to competition, providing at the same time faster drying.
-Not contain solvents as many competition products, and they protect the operators and the environment; at the same time, they are not flammable - no risk of fire
-The components of Ecostick® adhesives have the highest degree of conformity to REACH, and they are actually in conformity with all the international directives for material risk and security
-Free of VOCs, and this contributes significantly to minimizing air pollution and emissions to the atmosphere
-Not cause allergic reactions

-Import from Italy / Repacked in the USA

-Package could be different from photo.

-This adhesive may not function properly when frozen.

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